Wellness Ambassadors

Would you like to be part of a team focused on promoting an engaging and meaningful wellness experience for all employees at KU? Apply to become a Wellness Ambassador!

A KU Wellness Ambassador is a volunteer who works to empower and engage fellow employees in their health and wellness journey. The goal of the KU Wellness Ambassadors Program is to positively influence all aspects of the health and wellness culture at the University of Kansas.



What does a Wellness Ambassador do?

  • Routinely share information within your unit about university-wide wellness programming, resources, and events
  • Use creativity to implement health campaigns and wellness activities within your unit
  • Advocate for your unit’s wellbeing needs with the Faculty & Staff Wellness Committee and the Office of Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Cultivate a culture of wellness where employees can thrive, both within your unit and across KU

What is the commitment?

  • Attend two Wellness Ambassador training programs a year (one each semester)
  • Serve a minimum one-year term
  • Plan one wellness activity per semester, either within your unit or for the larger campus (e.g., Plan a potluck for your office that highlights healthy foods or schedule a departmental viewing of a Lunch-N-Learn webinar.)
  • Coordinate activities through the Faculty & Staff Wellness Committee
  • This role is voluntary with minimal time commitment: approximately one to two hours/month

What’s in it for me?

  • Contribute to improving the culture of health and wellness at KU
  • Connect and network with other team members across campus
  • Be listed as a Wellness Ambassador on the Wellness webpage
  • Build and strengthen connections and relationships with colleagues in your unit
  • Exclusive KU Wellness Ambassador swag!


KU Wellness Ambassador Pledge

  • I agree to support employee health and wellness at the University of Kansas.
  • I agree to serve as my unit’s Ambassador for at least a year.
  • I agree to stay informed of the health and wellness resources available to the KU community.
  • I agree to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per month to wellness-related planning and/or communication.
  • I agree to work with the Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing to support initiatives and promote wellness across campus.
  • I agree to empower employees to make informed decisions that positively impact their individual health.
  •  I acknowledge and respect that everyone’s wellness journey is different.
  •  I agree to be a messenger, motivator, and role model who helps gather, create, and disseminate information to help build and maintain a culture of health and wellness at KU.

Ready to become a Wellness Ambassador?

You must obtain supervisory support and approval to volunteer. Review the responsibilities with your supervisor before completing the application form.