1.When does the study start?

You will want to start wearing your pedometer and recording your steps on Monday, October 6th.

2.What do I have to do to sign up?

To sign up please email wellness@ku.edu with your name, department, office location, and contact information. Must sign up by Friday, October 3.

3.What do I have to do once I am in the study?

We ask that you wear your pedometer at all times throughout the waking-hours of the day and see how many steps you can earn.  On Fridays, you’ll be asked to email your steps for that week to your pedometer liaison.  As part of your participation, you’ll receive two emails every week to help you stay motivated. You’ll also be asked to complete a quick on-line survey three times throughout the 10 week period. This will help us gauge the success of this program.

4.Do I get to keep my pedometer?

The pedometer is yours to keep!

5.How often do I need to record my steps?

You will be provided with a daily log sheet(pdf) to help you keep track of your steps. The pedometer can recall up to seven days of information if you forget to record at the end of the day. We ask that you email your step count to your assigned pedometer liaison every Friday.

6.Can students take part in the study?

At this time the study is only open to KU Faculty and Staff. If spots are still available when the study begins we will allow students to sign up.

7.How many steps equal a mile?

One mile is equivalent to approximately 2,000 steps.  Many public health entities recognize 10,000 steps daily as a good goal for adults.  

8.Where do I wear my pedometer?

You’ll want to wear your pedometer at all times throughout the waking-hours of the day (note: pedometers are not water proof) and see how many steps you can earn. Most individuals choose to wear their pedometer on their hip, although in the pocket or clipped to a piece of clothing at the middle of your chest would work as well.

9.How do I use my pedometer?

1. On right side remove battery insulation (plastic) tab.

2. If does not turn on, press SET (bottom left). If that does not work, press RESET on back of your pedometer.

3. Now that it is on, set the time on your pedometer.

  1. Press MODE until it says 12H on the bottom line instead of 24H, then press SET.
  2. To have the hour set press MODE to go up in numbers and then enter the correct time.
  3. Once you have the right hour, press SET and it will move to the minutes.  Press MODE until you have reached the correct time.
  4. Press SET.

4. Press SET again.  You do not need to set how far apart you walk.  This is optional.

5. Next it will ask you for your weight.  To increase the weight press MODE.  To decrease the weight press RESET.  Once you have the correct weight, press SET.


10.How can I set the pedometer to remember my steps?

Your pedometer has the ability to recall 7 days of information.  However, if you do not save your steps the pedometer will automatically reset at midnight.

To save:

1. Press MODE until the right bottom corner has 01 days shown.

2. Press SET after each day of steps to save.

3. At the end of the day, press MODE until the screen displays total on the bottom right.  Press SET to save. 

11.Do I need to install the battery?

No.There is already a battery in the pedometer. You do not need to touch the extra battery unless the first one runs out. 

12.How do I use my pedometer log?

The pedometer log is a pdf that we have provided as a tool to help keep you organized.  Feel free to print it out and write in your daily steps totals.  Alternatively, you have the option to record your steps in whatever way works best for you.  You do not need to send the filled in pdf back to us. 

13.Where do I submit my steps?

You will need to submit your daily steps to your assigned pedometer liaison via email every Friday during the study.

14.Who is my student liaison?

The contact information of your Student Liaison is in your last email you received about the Pedometer Study.

15.What should I send to my liaison on Friday?

You will need to send your daily steps counts to your liaison on Friday. For example, you would email your liaison the following...

“Dear Liaison- For this week, here are my step counts

Monday 10,003
Tuesday 3, 465
Wednesday 12, 742
Thursday 8,395
Friday 7,453
Saturday 2,304
Sunday 6,231

Thank you- YOUR NAME”

16.If I have a question who do I contact?

Please contact the Faculty and Staff Wellness Committee at wellness@ku.edu for any questions or concerns.

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