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February-Top 5 Things to Focus on in 2022 for Your Heart Health-PowerPoint and Recording

  • Wednesday, February 16th 12:00pm-12:45pm, Virtually via GoToWebinar
  • Presented by Stephanie Lininger, APRN- Structural Heart Program Coordinator at Advent Health Shawnee Mission
  • February is American Heart Month! Join Stephanie Lininger, APRN to learn about 5 areas of your life that affect your heart and what you can do to make healthier choices. We will also have survivor Nancy Holland speak on her heart health journey. 


January-Where are you going? Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success-Recording

  • Wednesday, January 19th 12:00pm-12:45pm, Virtually via GoToWebinar
  • Presented by ComPsych with Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Goal setting gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. The process of setting goals allows you to choose where you want to go in your personal life as well as your professional career. A life without goals is like a road trip without a map. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you are less likely to get lost, and you will be happier and less frustrated along the way.


November-Healthy Eating for the Holidays-PowerPoint and Recording

  • Wednesday, November 17th from 12:00pm-12:45pm, Virtually via Zoom       
  • Presented by Aftan Jameson, Nutrition Health Educator at the Health Education Resource Office
  • Join Aftan Jameson to learn about how to go into your holidays guilt free by subsituting some heart felt recipes for healthier ones that still allow indulgence and resotrative family time.  

October- We Were Never Designed For This: The Psychological Toxicity of Modern Life (And What We Can Do About It)-PowerPoint and Recording

  • Wednesday, October 20th from 12:00pm-12:45pm, Virtually via Zoom
  • Presented by Dr. Stephen Ilardi, Associate Professor of Clinical Psyhcology
  • Despite the best efforts of mental health professionals, Americans have experienced in recent decades a sharp increase in the societal burden of depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, and suicide – an alarming trend that has only worsened during the covid pandemic. The causes of the mental illness epidemic are still murky, but it’s become increasingly clear that we humans were never designed for the sedentary, socially isolated, indoor, sleep-deprived, screen-addicted, fast-food-laden, frenzied pace of modern life. In this talk, we explore the central role of such modifiable lifestyle factors on our physical and psychological well-being.

January - Hobbies for Mental and Physical Health

  • Wednesday, January 20, 2021 from 12:00-12:45 pm, Virtually presented by EAP
  • Hobbies of all sorts can help us to be mentally and physically healthier people for ourselves and our loved ones. By choosing to spend time on engaging activities that we truly enjoy, we are more likely to be the best version of ourselves. Too often we end up either just passing the time or prioritizing everyone else’s needs above our own

February- Learn to Feather Your Nest!  Don't Just Fly!  Learn to Soar!

  • Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 12:00-12:45 pm, Virtually via Zoom
  • Presented by Leticia Gradington, Director Student Money Management Services
  • The #1 life stressors reported by employees is money.  Learn methods to regain a healthy sense of control including Money Mission statements, and Behavior Finance tips to change old money habits.  Now is the time to do what it takes to feather your nest.

March - Sitting Disease 

  • Wednesday, March 24, 2021 from 12:00-12:45 pm, Virtually via Zoom
  • Presented by Brandi Goss, DPT, TherapyWorks
  • A sedentary lifestyle is all too common and the modern work day can play a part in that. The way our workstations are set up, the amount of time we spend looking at screens, the frequency at which we take breaks - all of these affect our physical and mental health. Learn ways to combat the "sitting disease" and find more movement in your day.
  • Registration required.

April- Be Active- And Be Outdoors- in Douglas County! 

  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021 from 12:00-12:45 pm, Virtually via Zoom
  • Presented by Chris Tilden, Ph.D., Research Project Manager for the University of Kansas Center for Public Partnerships and Research and Chair of LiveWell Douglas County
  • Lawrence and Douglas County are blessed with wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our rivers, lakes, parks and trails provide ample opportunities for year-round recreation. In this session we will explore some of the most treasured outdoor spaces for recreation and physical activity, with particular attention to our local trail system. Join to learn about our growing trail system and talk about how using our trails can help you improve health by being active and simply being outdoors and in nature!

    Registration is required.

June - Outdoor Pursuits and Games (PDF)

  • Wednesday, June 9, 2021 from 12:00-12:45 pm, Virtually via Zoom
  • Presented by Camryn Ewing, Outdoor Pursuits Program Manager, and Zoe Surprise, Special Event/Reservation Program Manager KU Recreation Services 
  • Outdoor Pursuits Program Manager Camryn Ewing and Special Event/Reservation Program Manager Zoe Surprise will discuss some of the wellness and outdoor leisure opportunities for campus organizations through KU Recreation Services. They will highlight services like the Chalk Rock climbing wall, camping and outdoor supply rentals, as well as lawn games available for checkout to KU groups, faculty, and staff. Learn about items you can check out from Ambler Rec Center to get outdoors, get moving and have fun!
  • Registration is required.


November - Self-Care during COVID-19 (PDF)

  • Wednesday, November 18, 2020 from 12:00-12:45 pm via Zoom
  • There is no one way to self-care, and there certainly is no one way to self-care during a pandemic! Leadership takes a lot of energy and prioritizing your self-care is so important. Zach will share information about maintaining boundaries, what self-care can be and a few tricks and tips for managing stress! 
  • Presented by Zach Newby

December - Immune Support 101

  • Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 12:00-12:45 pm via Zoom
  • Presented by DeAnna Hatch, PhD, Nutrition Health Coach with Natural Grocers
  • Most people know vitamin C is important for the immune system, but why? And what about the other vitamins? Just like the rest of our body, the immune system requires optimal nutrition to work at its best. Keeping your immune system fed with the right stuff will ensure that your body is ready to handle whatever comes it's way. 

Spring 2020

February – National Sweet Potato Month Celebration! (PDF)

  • Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 12:10-12:50 pm at Stouffer Place Apartments in the community kitchen. Enter Stouffer on the southeast corner of the building facing 19th street.
  • Celebrate National Sweet Potato Month with a sweet potato taco cooking demo and sampling! We will also discuss a few tips and tricks on how to make meal prepping easier and a little more enjoyable.
  • Led by Jade Gibson, Registered Dietitian for KU Dining

March – Alexander Technique (PDF)

  • Wednesday, March 4, 2020 from 12:10-12:50 pm at the Kansas Union in The Jay
  • Alexander Technique is an educational method that helps you move in a way that is more coordinated and balanced. We will explore the basic principles of this technique by playing games and looking at our movement habits and patterns. Please bring a yoga mat with you and wear something comfortable to this session. 
  • Link to flyers
  • Led by Karen Benda


October - Active Recovery/Myofascial Release (PDF)

  • Wednesday, October 2, 2019 from 12:10-12:50 pm at Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center, conference room 202
  • Do you sit for longer periods, have tight muscles, or want to learn a warm-up or cool down technique for to supplement your exercise program?  In this session we will use tools such as foam rollers and tennis and lacrosse balls to help release tension in the soft tissues of the body through myofascial release. Myofascial Release is a safe and effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion.
  • Participants will be able to practice these techniques, so wearing exercise attire is recommended.
  • Led by Melinda Ball

November - Workplace Stress and Burnout (PDF)

  • Wednesday, November 6, 2019 from 12:10-12:50 pm at the Kansas Union in the Jayhawk room
  • Is everyday a Monday? Have you become critical, irritable, or just don't care at work? You may be feeling the effects of burnout.  Learn how to spot, prevent, and overcome workplace stress and how it contributes to burnout. Attendees will complete a survey to understand the type of burnout they may be experiencing.  The content can also be applied to other areas in life such as students experiencing academic burnout or kids burning out on sports.
  • Presented by Katy Holden, MS

December - Fad Diets

  • Wednesday, December 4, 2019 from 12:10-12:50 pm at the Kansas Union in the Kansas room
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of diets and “eating rules” out there? In this session we will discuss the history, science, and sustainability of three popular diets, including the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and the Mediterranean diet. We will also discuss what the diet industry is and how it affects our lives
  • Presented by Jade Gibson, KU Dining's Registered Dietitian


September - Self-Defense (PDF)

  • Wednesday, September 12 from 12:10-12:50 pm in conference room 202/203 at Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center
    • Note: On campus maps, look for the abbreviation SRFC (Student Recreation Fitness Center)
  • This will be an interactive presentation demonstrating self-defense techniques followed by a presentation.  Please dress in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. 
  • Presented by Mr. Mark Taylor from Premier Martial Arts
  • Handout (PDF)
  • For a more in depth training, Emily Taylor Center for Women and Gender Equity offers a 2-hour self-defense workshop led by Mr. Mark Taylor who led the Lunch-N-Learn training .

December - Foam Rolling and Recovery Workshop (PDF)

  • Wednesday, December 5 from 12:10-12:50 pm in conference room 202/203 at Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center
    • Note: On campus maps, look for the abbreviation SRFC (Student Recreation Fitness Center)
  • This will be an interactive presentation demonstrating how to use foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and other modalities to alleviate muscle tension and trigger points and increase mobility.  Please dress in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. 
  • Please click on PDF for more information.

January - Desk-ercise (PDF)

May - Bring the Bike Back Into Your Life (PDF)

Fall 2017

September - Bicycle Friendly Driving (PDF)

  • September 12, 2017 in the Jay/Spare room (level 1) at the Kansas Union from 12:00-1:00 pm
  • This is a interactive class, aimed at educating all drivers on the best and safest ways to share the road with bicyclists.  Developed by Fort Collins Bicycle Ambassador Program.  Click on the PDF for details.
  • Presented by Kirsten Yunuba Stephens

November - Helping Others Quit Tobacco (PDF)

  • November 16, 2017 in the Malott room at the Kansas Union from 12:10-12:50 pm
  • Learn how you can support someone who's quitting tobacco.
  • Presented by Patty Quinlan

February - Gardening (PDF)

March - Benefits of Massage

  • March 1, 2017 in the 1st floor conference room at Watkins Health Center  (As of January 2021, Massage is NO LONGER being OFFERED at Watkins Health Center)
  • Enter into a random drawing to win a free 30-minute massage!  Three winners will be drawn!
  • Presenters: Jennifer Hibbard and Kayla Short

April - Changing your Life through Better Money Management (PDF)

  • April 12, 2017 in the in the English Room at the Kansas Union from 12:10-12:50 pm
  • Presenter: Leticia Gradington
  • ​Do you ever wish you knew more about personal finance? No matter where you are in your financial journey, there always is more to learn. In attending this event our goal is to raise awareness, to increase skills and knowledge related to personal finance, and to guide you to helpful resources. Research shows that financial education is most effective when it is relevant to a decision you are faced with right now. Your spending, Your savings, Your future.  


December - Mindful Meditation (PDF)

November - Acupuncture (PDF)

  • November 2, 2016 in the English Room at the Kansas Union from 12:10-12:50 pm 
  • Learn how 5 needle point acupuncture reduces stress and addiction to tobacco, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, drugs, and more.  Within 5 minutes, this technique helps with coping.
  • Attendees will get to try the technique.
  • Presented by Rachel DaPron, and Acupuncturist from from Bodhi Tree Holistic Healing

October - Hunger Awareness + Cooking Demo (PDF)

September - Ergonomics in the Workplace (PDF)

  • September 7, 2016 in the English Room at the Kansas Union from 12:10-12:50 pm
  • TherapyWorks’ shares how to make your work environment ergonomically efficient! (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

Spring 2016

May - Building the Best You! (PDF)

  • Wednesday, May 4, 2016 from 12:10-1:10 pm at the Kansas Union, Big 12
  • Coach Andrea Hudy, nationally acclaimed Sports Performance Coach for the NCAA Men's KU basketball championship team and author of Power Positions
  • Coach Hudy’s 3 tips will build the best you! 
    • Learn how health, vitality, strength and mobility influence movement, the basis of life. 
    • Understand how nutrition and sleep aid in recovery.
    • Be a leader and someone you love.

April - Walk Kansas (PDF)

  • Wednesday, April 6, 2016 from 12:10-1:10 pm at the Kansas Union, Pine Room
  • Susan Johnson from Walk Kansas will review the challenge objectives and how to register.
  • Your team can walk across Kansas, around Kansas, or diagonally across the state. 
  • Please note, your team can register after the deadline, and t-shirts will be available for purchase after the deadline.

March - Building a Healthy Meal (PDF)

  • Wednesday, March 2, 2016 from 12:10-1:10 pm at the Kansas Union, Pine Room
  • Join Kelsey Fortin, Health Educator with Watkins Health Center, and Christine Ebert, Registered Dietitian with KU Dining Services, as they give a nutrition lesson and prepare a healthy lunch option!
  • Handout (PDF)
  • Recipe (PDF)

February - Buying the Right Running (or Activity) Shoes (PDF)

  • Wednesday, February 3, 2016 from 12:10-1:10 pm at the Kansas Union, Pine Room
  • Presenter: Grant Catloth, Co-Owner of Ad Astra Running
  • Learning Objectives: Understand the importance of proper fitting shoes and learn what shoe is best for your feet
  • Question and answer session
  • Runners and walkers are welcome!
  • Attendees will receive a '$15  off shoes' coupon


December - Managing Holiday Stress (PDF)

  • Wednesday, December 2, 2015 from 12:10-1:10 pm at Kansas Union, English Room

November - Sleep Number (PDF)

  • Wednesday, November 4, 2015 from 12:10-1:10 pm at Kansas Union, English Room

October - The Art of Patience (PDF)

  • Wednesday, October 7, 2015 from 12:10-1:10 pm at Kansas Union, English Room


February 4th

September 10

May 7th

March 5th

  • Topic- Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center
  • Presenter- Dr. Mark Howarter
  • Youtube Video of Presentation.  Part 1 and Part 2

January 8th

November 6th

September 4th

  • Topic- Selecting the Correct Shoes for You
  • Presenter- Grant Catloth from Garry Gribbles Running Sports

July 10th


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